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The recruitment conditions ( Legal Text)

 The Mauritania Army recruit its soldier, based on Law N°62132 of June 29, 1962, Chapter II Article 7.  Any Mauritanian or naturalized citizen can join the Mauritanian army under the section N ° 13, 14, 15, 17, 18 of Law N° 61 112 dated on June 12, 1961 (the Code of Mauritanian nationality) and under the following conditions. Up to16 years old -not married - Be physically fit - have not been sentenced -be equipped with the parental or tutors consent in absence of these, having previously obtained the authorization from the Ministry of Defense, for youth under 18 years. The commitment is for a term of two, three, or five years. The incorporation can take place at any moment of the year. If the internship is over three years, candidates will be bound to the service by a long-term training courses an immediate commitment for more than five years, according to the prescriptions of the article 2 - paragraph seven. The Ministry of Defense determines the number of the participants of each body or service.