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The General Deputy Head of General Staff of the Armies supervises the launch of projects for funding

The headquarters of the Association of Veterans and Military Retirees of the National Army (AAMRAN) hosted on May 9, 2013 the launch of a financing transaction projects for widows and orphans of the Association. The launching ceremony was held under the supervision of Brigadier General Mohamed Ould Mohamed Znagui the Deputy Head of the General Staff of the Armies accompanied by retired Colonel Abdel Aziz Niang, President of the Association, in the presence of guests and representatives of AAMRAN.
The retired Colonel Abdel Aziz Niang, President of the Association, in his speech praised the exceptional launch of these funded projects AAMRAN up to 2008000 MRO that profits to six  over thirty two offices located throughout the country , indicating that this experience will, if successful, popularized at all the remaining offices. He also stressed the valuable efforts of the President of the Republic has continued to provide to improve the living conditions of the population, not forgetting to thank the head of the General Staff of the Armed Armies for the assistance provided to the veterans of the Armed and Security Forces and the organization of the ceremony.
The statements by representatives of orphans and widows welcomed in their turn, the funding for these projects, and their contribution to the fight against poverty in this needy fringe. After the ceremony, the Fatiha was read to the memory of the martyrs.