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The National Navy has witnessed in July 11th 2007, an extraordinary event in the history of the National Army. That was the graduation of group of female corporals which was result of the efforts which lasted for almost two years.  That constituted an unprecedented experience and typical transformation in the nature of the training and the quality of the trained. The pioneers of this successful experience were an elite of  responsibles of theNational Navy.

On the first day of July 2005, the Army Staff decided to recruit women to be in the National Army. Because of the type of work which the task requires and the dedication that means, there were legitimate fears and therefore some concerns over the ability of woman.

So the efforts, in the first phase, consentrated on the moral training to adopt the climate of the barraks as well as to uproot laziness and dependency on one hand and to give them a civil mentality.  These efforts were coupled with campaigns for sensitizing the members of the Navy to create the ideal climate which will program the female personal on the true military values. Everything was done perfectly. Next they started the basic training which was set by the Third Bureau. The moral and religious regulators were taken into consideration to ensure for the female soldier her dignity and legitimate rights. Despite the physical and psychological suffering the military personal live during such training , the determination fueled them to complete this training which is just a copy of the one the male undergo. The third phase was designed to improve the linguistic competency of these female soldiers. It lasted three months. During these three months, they studied special program to be prepared for the coming specializing period. In the last phase, there was a cooperation and coordination between the Navy and the department of Health. Tewenty-eight female soldiers gained the first and second technic deploma in health




while 22 female soldiers got first and second deploma accountancy.

The training was a daily struggle for each of one of them to make them accustomed to the military course. And also to convince the community to accept the reality that necessitate more efforts from the woman as well as   readiness and hardworking alike. That become reality because of the cooperation between the trainers and the trained. This success pushed the former chief of National Army Staff the Colonel Abderhman Ould Boubakar  to notice this remarcable achievement. The amalgamation of the women in the National Army is a symbolisation of the policies of the president; the suprem chief of the Armed Forces. These policies aim to promote the level of the woman in the community and the process of national construction , he said.

The cermony took place in the presence of the foreign defense attachees in addition  to the heads of some bureaus in the Army Staff and represantatives of the National Gendarmerie (Country Police) and Guard.  At the end, the former chief of Staff, accompanied by the invitees, were given presentation by the female graduated.. These presentations included exercises on the first aids and   the weapon assembling and disassembling.


She is a university girl that dedicated herself to be a soldier. Before two years from now, she decided to be a member of the National Army. She spent two years in the barraks and she experienced living between her mates. She never felt regret or sorry about her fate despite being the first one of her family members (femal or male). In the graduation ceremony, we met her where she was happy after fulfilling her object outstandingly. Now she is so enthusiastic to serve. In that interview, Oum Kalthoum Mint Boudah made a call to the woman.

 AKHBAR EL JEICH : how do you feel after two years of military training ?

CORPORAL OUM KALTHOUM : I am happy after I passed all the phases of the training and I got what I wanted. It was a true military training during which we were trained on how to use weapon and further more we learnt the military values. They urge us to sacrifices, hard working and fidelity. I was the first one of my family members to join the National Army. At the begining I was afraid because I had no idea about the nature of training. Now I overcome that phase – Thanks to God-. I have solid faith in my new profession and I am so enthusiastic to start my military obligation and to serve the great military institution which symbolise the oder and rule.

AKHBAR EL JEICH : how did you overcome the obstacle of the family and the close social environement ?

CORPORAL OUM KALTHOUM: once I decided to join the National Army I faced no resistance or refusal from my family. However the real refusal came from my social environement. My relativse are very bad  stereotype about the issue. That stereotype was fed by having zero idea about the type of the profession and the nature of training. By time, that refusal started to deminish.

AKHBAR EL JEICH: do you have any call to the Mauritanian woman?

CORPORAL OUM KALTHOUM : I want to make special and urgent call for the Mauritanian girl to start working regardless the nature of that work. And I urge her to join the National Army. The later provides big opportunity for woman. The female soldier is a great profession that ensures her dignity and a guaranted  income resource which meets her needs and protects her future. It also gives her the chance to participate actively in the national construction alongside with her brother; the man.