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Our emerging democracy has seen some kind of confusion even as it tends its second decade. After one hundred days of the former president rule, democratic institutions were deactivated and the people lost hope as the president claimed bankruptcy. That situation led to the overthrow of the president which resulted in unconstitutional democratic institutions.

That situation raised the questions out of which an exit was necessary. Then, the Supreme Council of the State held the Public Forums of Democracy.

The Public Forums of Democracy were organized in the period between 27/12/2009 and 05/01/2010. Finding an exit out of the constitutional vacuum in which we were. Alternatives were set for the imbalances the participants see as threat on the democracy in this country such as :

-the powers that are given to the president; the participants called for minimizing them in the favor of the Prime Minister and the Parliament. Because, on one hand, of the limited population and that the parliament is capable to manage the legislative authority on the other hand, they called, also, for omitting the senate from the map of the constitutional institutions and to allocate its budget for health and education. In addition to that, there was a call for activating or deleting the Mediator of the Republic. The participants demanded setting a mechanism to constrain the candidacies chaos that pervaded the last presidential elections. They suggested to increase the number of municipal Counselors that ought to sign for the candidate from 50 to 200. The candidate has to get pre-eminence of a judges’ committee.

So these forums were important part of our history of which we would like to thank the president of the Supreme Council of the State. More importantly, we thank him for giving such chance in which the citizens can negotiate their situation and for the intellectuals to come up with the flaws of the present and the possible alternatives. These forums, despite the huge audience and their inproficiency in this domain, were an important step on the right path. If they are applied, the recommendations that had been worked out, at the end of the forums, can serve the democracy and the futur of this country.

On the behalf of the participants, we thank the president of the Supreme Council of the State the General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. We ask him to apply the recommendations of the forums and, in particular, what improves transparency which  is the key problem of our country.  We demand him, also, to stay away from the corrupted people. In world where the only one to stay is the stronger, the global conditions requires constructing a solid country.

Our country has never been ruled by a political regime which wants it to grow and develop but rather, to weaken his people. We have the right to have the ambition to build a  strong country whose people live in welfare. The Mauritanian people want a brave president who plans for what his predecessors did not. The president who consults nobody but his heart and his people to correct the past and set the basis’s of the future.