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During the last decades of the twentieth century, the Internet penetrated the entire life for both individuals and community.  It was electronic network for communication to fulfill military objectives.  After huge development in techniques and tools, it became a phenomenon that impacts the personnel of this era and youth, in particular. Its effects ranged from morals, psychology, society, health and faith.

1-      Faith damages: the virtual space which this network provides constitutes an environment for the false doctrines, deconstructive ideas and malicious calls. That reality presented threat for the youth which is the target of advocates of evil. They exploit the psychological unrest which distinguishes youth of most of the world communities and nations. The spread of the electronic websites which call for debauchery, atheism and raise suspicions over the Islam is just an example of the moral dilemma.

2-      Moral damages : these damages constitute the remarkable wide spread  of the websites that market sex, gambling, moral decay, falsification and  drugs besides civilization demoralizing and intendancy to deconstruct the  intellectual and moral structure of the targeted communities which are impacted  by these negative moral effects.

3-       Social damages: a number of researches and social experts are interested to study the negative effects of the Internet. That through concentrating on the unlimited bad outcomes on the social level because of the absence of intimacy which is, in turns, the result of the indirect social interactions. The communication is through wires and cables. There are fears of having unsocial individuals which means they are failing to deal with the society because of their virtual world. This world is their made through computer screen. They do everything alone needing nobody. In harmony with its real world, the addicted young man starts creating new alien relations, in large, with different people from different community. So, his  new minor community begins to form. That pushes him to isolation. And then, the mutual aversion and depression control the youth which abandon, later on, their values besides committing suicide.

It is obvious that our community has its own privacy which comes from its religion.  Because Internet is a communication tool that is instrumentalized to form an innocent relation between male and female. So the negative impact on the social relations network which is conservative, by far, is clear.

Internet has been used as a media tool for massive communication for defamation and lying.

On family level, the excessive use of Internet causes a letdown in the marital relations. The normal result of that is shortage of communication, discounting the other part or even neglecting which will result in differences that can develop to ending the marital relation.

4-      Psychological damages. Addicting Internet is an other major damage. The experts define it as ‘’a state of illness and inharmonic use of internet which leads to clinical troubles’’.  It is similar to drugs addiction. The later constitutes in phenomena such as the increasing of the used hours to meet the need of the addict increasing desire to communicate the same the drugs addict does to maximize the dose more than the previous time.

The addict can face mental straying and depression as he stops using internet. That disconnection constitutes physical and psychological symptoms.

In parallel with that, the researchers have been paying attention, recently, to another phenomenon. It is Internet Phobia. It comes, basically, from the chronic feeling of the danger of using internet.

5-      Health Damages: pains in neck, backbone and most of the joints of the body because of the inappropriate long sitting are examples of the health damages. In addition to that, the risks the eyes can face and more importantly the stress, heartburn and retina damage. The long use of computer leads to neglecting sport, excessive eating because of the absence of concentration. This, in turn, result in the overweight which is, naturally, coupled by blood pressing and diabetes.  The long hours of sitting before computer, also, lead to Hemorrhoids for the overweight people, in particular.

Though, it still to be said that Internet has brought information monopoly to an end and also to spread the awareness. By far, it contributed, for certain, in changing the world.