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’Our heritage is not history nor dead coffins neither ropes to tighten the present with the wide past. It is, rather, an active flame and creative energy that circulates in the nation’’

I want, through this article, to clarify the dangerous confusion which was fabricated by the Orientalism. That confusion was in all the dimension of the cultural arena since the Renaissance era.
This article is designed to be against all the parties; those who imitate the West in everything and those who reject so doing.
The reasoned researcher whose work is done on the tenets of the scientific research on one hand and who has a luminous  and faithful vision knows, undoubtedly, that this universe is governed by rules. These rules are undistortable and unchangeable regardless of the social and natural phenomena and the problematic that may result in. In fact, the researcher may face the following confusion:
An obscurity and ambiguity cover the concept of development and rushing the progress.
This situation pushes some of those who are interested in development and progress to deviate in their   intellectual behaviors. That deviation was the natural result of the desire for certain intellectual patterns whose environment is different from the one in which those people have grown up. That is a clear contrast with the approach which is in the favor of transmission not transferring the thought. The secret behind the success of this approach is that the recipient of the thought should be committed to his moral and material being. That is the right and best thing to do.
In this regard, what is required to be committed to the conscience and the reason of his nation as he takes from the other? With great deal of openmindness and ability to negotiate and learning, we never deviated that approach.
We do not mean, here, exceptional implementations through the Islamic and Arabic civilization of all kinds. Rather, we pinpoint certain meditations which were incapable to read the heritage of the other and to know its details including what it contains of contradictions in some of its intellectual parts which can be deliberated or done for another reason.
Among the tenets of the study of knowledge and thought, we found the human culture in its comprehensible philosophical concept of which we are part is to be seen sometimes as unique and various in other times. It covers the sensation of the cultivated individual toward these tenets. Neglecting one civilization and its history, results in no development or progress.  The other still to take from our civilization, with a great deal of rationality up to the third millennium.