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This is an attempt to start debating the issue of public security and national defense that matter most to each one of us. Weather we are army personnel or not. I hope this is the beginning of knowledge exchange which will lead, in later phase, to sensitization on the State Concepts in our newspapers. Through this article, I will emphasize on the modern definitions of the national security and defense policy.

On one hand, the speed of information exchange and the technology revolution as well as the total openness to the others on the other hand, all these factors, at once, eliminated the geographical borders. That created a globalized world where no country is unable to remain isolated far from the global interactions protecting itself by security suspicion. But each country becomes impacted by the internal and external variables, rather. So Mauritania is just a part of this wide world. It aims to contribute in making it safer, better and to spread peace all over it based on the available capabilities and resources.

The National Security means to dedicate all the capabilities and national forces as well as the military capability including the foreign and internal policy to secure and protect the national security interests. Besides that, to give instructions on developing and using the all military mean of the country.

The national security is the core of building a peaceful and solid national environment. The latter changes and improves in accordance to the variation of threats as well as the regional and global environment besides the available resources to maintain the stability and peace of the internal front. Not only that, but also to protect the borders from any external threats. The Armed Forces are considered to be the solid guarantor of the security and stability of the Mauritanian state. It, also, supports the other elements of the state’s power. Therefore, the defense policy and the armed forces modernization it is accompanied by will remain number one objective of both the military and political leaderships. The peace, democracy and development do need safe environment and strong fence to protect them. By so doing, these concepts become well-rooted in the minds of people.

The national defense is a set of political opinions in addition to a scientific and  studied concepts which approach the nature of the war preparing and developing the armed forces to fulfill the national objective. All that is based on the instructions that come as part of the national security policy to maintain peace and stability of the country and its  political entity  which is the reflection of the state policy in the military domain.

The defense policy is, also, seen as an essential element in the national security. It supports the political alternatives of the country. So, it is the key guarantor to maintain peace and rest in our country. The armed forces which are in charge of executing this policy are just one of the means which are used for that purpose.

The Mauritanian National Defense concentrates on building a capable armed forces that has the ability to encounter the global, regional and domestic variables.  The size of any country can never measure the ability of its armed forces but its technical ability and military proficiency as well as  having competences that are capable to make strategic plans and executing all the missions of which they are in charge.

The armed forces have no responsibility in the strategic planning and it is very loyal to the political leadership to which it is attached. The role it plays in executing the state policies is very clear.

As the thirtieth article of the Mauritanian constitution said, the defense policy is to be set by the president. ‘‘the president determines the foreign, defense and security policy of the nation and ensures its implementation’’. The following factors are taken into consideration as the national defense policy is setting:

-          The national security is a central issue for both the country and the community.
-          The national economy is developing and has limited resources and capabilities.
-          The strong relation between the national security and the capabilities of the foreign policy.
-          The relation between national security and national social structure
-          The Mauritanian geo-political nature and the sensitivity of location regarding the external threats.
Thus, this is a window on the concepts of the national security and the national defense policy.  In attempt to study the national defense policy, I hope everyone does participate. By that, we can improve it to the extent where it can encounter the threats and challenges as well as to meet the national needs and make them military objectives.