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Colonel M’bareck the pioneer



Colonel M’bareck the pioneer. The quality and value of this man measured in terms of sacrifice and dedicated service, rendered to the country and the army. He fully served the country and the army. To who  he loved and cherished one’s, to the different communities  of  Mauritania  of  which he claims proudly to be a membership  and to the human relationships he has woven throughout his long and rich military, diplomat career and  as a public servant. Perhaps, we did not over endow to identify the uniqueness of Colonel M'Bareck Ould Bouna Moctar. He is the one who gratified us to be the pioneer of the Mauritanian army. As fate made he was born in the middle of an ocean of sand dunes but especially in the middle of the knowledge in Boutilimit on May 13, 1935 from a well know family in Trarza. He did not deviate to the ancient tradition; he went to the Koranic school prior to the modern school. As any good scholar of his time, he naturally became a teacher; only a handful of natives could exercise this job. He taught alternately in Mederdra and then at Tidjikja. At  the eve of independence, which would  be known soon as  Islamic Republic of Mauritania, clearly needed an army which future leaders would be in short-term exclusively Mauritanian. In this perspective, M'Bareck sent to Saint-mexaint (France) as a cadet in February 1959. Nine months later, he is a Cadet and then a Lieutenant on Avril16, 1960, few months before the country's accession to international sovereignty. Promoted to Lieutenant in July 1962, it was the start of an enviable career, he was the first officer to take command of a CIP, replacing the Captain GAUVIN wounded in the attack of Nema, in 1968, he was at the head of a second CIP whose command was given to him by Captain TREGUER. It was also as a captain, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the national army, becoming the first Mauritanian officer to take the reins of our young army replacing the French Commander MOURIER. Only him has the honor of having commanded the national army 3 times with the ranks of captain, major and colonel. Modern and friend of BA Bocar Alpha, SALL Abdoul Aziz, and Youssouf KOITA, Colonel M'Bareck was also comfortable with them and in the middle of his people. He claims himself as citizen of the four communities in Mauritania, confession of those who served under his orders ″he is an honest man, refined and correct″. Himself questioned about his legendary honesty, he replied bluntly "ask my intendant Anne Amadou Babaly everything he will tell you about me is true.'' President Moctar Ould Daddah who appreciated his services wanted to rise to the rank of general, but he explained to him that the level of the army at that time did not warrant that of promotion. Colonel M'Bareck was relieved because the presidential decision itself was inappropriate for such promotion. Currently he is serving in the Directorate of one of the mobile operators of the place; he put his soldier's experience, diplomat, and entrepreneur skills at the use of all. Today, refusing to be gained by idleness in short respite, he makes writing an outlet. His famous'' POINTCOLONEL’’ appearing in a local newspaper has its unconditional fans; which do not miss it under any circumstances. Regarding his career and vast unusual experience, he plans to record them in an autobiographical outline, which will begin soon, Insha’Allah. A good soldier, he was able to keep the love of the homeland in his heart and even in his current environment as to perpetuate the unchanging ritual due to the colors of our national flag, which the military make honors every day. In his office, the national flag is in a favorite spot; which he salutes respectfully before starting his workday. Only men loomed by the patriotic fervor as M'Bareck Ould Bouna Moctar have an immense respect for their emblem. This is a tiny piece of the life of this affable, modest man; despite the greatness of his moral; which cannot be described. May Allah the Almighty perpetuate him a long life. Amen. By Captain  Lif Mohamed Diadié.  Marital status: Father of three children (28 - 24 – 16 years). Degrees: Elementary Patent – Bachelor-certificate of qualification, Certificate of child psychology-graduate from the Army School and Guerre de Paris: some functions :Chief of Staff and Inspector of the Armed Forces ; Minister of National Defense and Chief of Staff of the National Armed Forces, Deputy Governor of the third Region; Governor of the second Region -Senior Advisor and then Ambassador in Germany ; Acting administrative affairs officer in Washington, Ambassador in Tunisia, Ambassador in Zaire. National decorations:-National Merit Officer Foreign decorations: French officer of merit: he retired in 1978-Spoken and written languages:-Arabic-French-Good introduction in English and Spanish.