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Mohamed El Moctar Ould Cheikh Abdallahi known Marouv

Ancien Minister of National Defense (April 1970-August 1971), Mohamed El Moctar Ould Cheikh Abdallahi alias Marouf was born in1926 in Aleg. After his primary education at the Madersa of Boutilimitt, he attended the Ecole Normale of William Ponty Sébikhotane in 1942. Three years later, in 1945, he graduated from this prestigious school, which formed many African administrators and teachers’ during the pre-independence period. Member of  the parliament , he was the first official holding up for the first time the flag of the new Islamic Republic of Mauritania, according to the testimony of Lebanese journalist Mohamed Youssouf Moghaled (see excerpt from the book:'' Mauritania'', published in 1960 ). President Moctar Ould Dadah remembers the late Marouf in page 193 of his memoirs (Mauritania against wind and tide) who held several senior positions in his government. Moktar Mohamed Marouf said, played an important role in this period as a member of the Territorial Assembly and Legislative, and as minister of various departments. he was attentive to his work and performed perfectly the different missions he had to do, the last was our embassy in Tunis, at the time of the putsch 1978.C 'was a religious and spiritual, and even a man to keep him for what he heard or what he was told ... he was discreet, he assumed his responsibilities seriously ... In the great debates, the introduction of the single party, the events of February 1966 - it 's is conducted in real culprit ... distinction: Commander of the National Order of Merit. FUNCTIONS OCCUPIED'' 1945-1957. Official of the General Administration, '1957-1959: Member of the Territorial Assembly of Mauritania; several times'' members of the Government of President Moktar Ould Daddah (Minister of Commerce, Minister of Industry, Minister of Planning, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of National Defence (April 1970 - August 1971),'' Vice-President of the National Assembly, District Commander and Governor of the region, Ambassador to Spain and Tunisia'' Allowed retired from Fire Lieutenant Oumar 1979 :: Saidou native padalal in the region Gorgol in 1929, the young Umar integration Saidou the French army in 1952, by his obstinacy he climbed the ladder without a hitch. Transferred to the army in September 1961, he performed all his duties with dedication and rigor. He felt at the head of his men on the field on 19/08/1977 during a clash around zouerate. Posthumously promoted to lieutenant, this brave soldier had won several awards during his career: Third class Medal of Honor in1964-mention in Unity order in 1966-Knight of National Order of Merit 1969. In memory of services rendered to the army and by the bloodshed for the safety of the nation, his memory rest in peace.