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Colonel Diallo Mohamed





. On December 7, 1999, Colonel Mohamed Diallo, died at his house, calmly, surrounded by the love of his family and the love and respect of all.Sick during the past few years, the late Colonel Diallo, a good Muslim, was well prepared to the ultimate journey. He went away in silence and left behind him a grieving family; friends affected and orphan armed forces. With an incomparable humility, Colonel Mohamed Diallo was distinguished by an exemplary pride, love of one other, and a humble spirit and charitable. The man gave a particular importance to his subordinates and dictated the respect for moral values, ethics, and sense of honor.He represented to his family and to all those who have known him the incarnation of the exemplary officer, human model. From his greatness made him a myth. An established paternalism, he was able to pass on to his children's an exemplary education and wanted it to be as the Mauritania kind in its diversity and its values. ‘He was the most wonderful father, the most affectionate in the world'' according to one of his children. The testimonies of one other on him recognize his unalterable attachment to his parents and his natural environment. Born in 1937 in Boutilimitt, son of Cheikh Diallo and Diakité Mariam Diallo Mohamed enlisted in the Army on 1 August 1957. Transferred to the National Army in 1962, he graded to the rank of second lieutenant on 1 November 1962. He made in the wake of a training course of cavalry school in Saumur (France). He completed the training in 1965, in an internship at St. Maixent infantry school, France. His career was rich with passages noticed at the head of several military regions and the joint army school of Atar.He got high military functions: Chief of Staff at the Cabinet of the President of the Republic, Chief of Staff of the National Guard and Chief of Staff of National army. He also illustrated in leadership positions as the national territorial administration. The Late Colonel Diallo awarded of the third class Medal of Honor and promoted to the National Order of Merit, Knight Grades, Officer, and Commander then rose to the dignity of Grand Officer. Retired on March 29, 1995 after 38 years of service to the Nation, Colonel Diallo then passed most of his time between Nouakchott and Boutilimitt, devoting himself entirely to God and his family, including his four boys and three girls. Peace upon his soul.